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Magnetized energy
The bloody quantity / the blood speed

high-frequency magnetic wave theory,
high magnetization energy.
1. Improve the blood circulation
2. Enhance metabolism
3. Enhance the cell restoring

The Magnetic Energy

High permeation, dissolution, spread, and absorbability
1. Low adhesion
2. More than 299,000 wave per second 3.Stabilize water in superior quality.
4. Bring small water molecules proved by NMR test

Test Report of Kertise Oxygen Spa
1.Test report of high moisturization 72% plus
2.Blood flow increased by 39.7%
3.Blood quantity increased by 38.1%

The increase of blood quantity and blood speed enables to enhance the blood circulation, metabolism and warmness. While bathing in warm water, the vessel extends softly and enhances the blood quantity, meanwhile enhance the quantity of oxygen and nutrition to all the cells and improve the metabolism. Those are rather helpful to eliminate the body waste and release the tired muscle.

The Benefit of Increased Body Temperature after Bathing
1 Extend the blood Bessel and increase the blood quantity, i.e. enhance the blood circulation.
2 Compose the nerve and release the tenseness.
3 Soften the muscle, tendon, and the ligament.

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