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Deep cleanness

Test report of NMR nano
Obvious nanometerization effects

1.Clean the dirt and grease
2.Carrying out dead skin
3. Skin glow
4. Deep cleaning scalp and hair
5. Remove the scurf

Our hairs and nails are growing all the time and all of our skin and organ is doing the metabolism as well. The skin is made of five layers, the outmost is horny layer and the bottom is basal layer. The skin has cell proliferation everyday and finally becomes the cuticle. The scurf is mixed of the cuticle and scalp grease

For the hair growth, there is nothing more important than maintain the scalp cleanness. The healthy hairs are based on the healthy hair pores and scalps. The scalp is exposed in the dirty air or robbed with hair gel or hair lotions. The scalp pored might have an inflammation due to the gel, lotion, grease, or scurf even more the hair loss. What should we do to protect the hair? Message the scalp and shampoo with the milky water of Kertise Oxygen Spa Producer is quite helpful to clean up the dirt of the scalp and ameliorate the scalp problems such as scurf.
Kertise Oxygen Spa Producer’s effect of hair care
Kertise Oxygen Spa Producer is particular designed to use the outlet pipe freely and replace the traditional shower nozzle. The high-oxygen anion and nano water molecule is quite beneficial to both the grease hair and the dried hair. The nano water molecule can permeate to the bottom of the hair pore and remove the dirt and grease. The water molecule is easily absorbed by the scalp and enable to moisten the hair and the scalp. With the Kertise Oxygen Spa Producer you can enjoy a wonderful bath just like under the waterfall and throw all the stress and tiredness away.

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